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Hey there, curious person. Thanks for stopping by. This website exists as an overview of the creative professional, businessperson, and human, Nick Routley.

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Visual Capitalist

Creative Director

Visual Capitalist and I have come a long way together. I’ve been VC’s creative director since the beginning of 2012, overseeing and creating a wide variety of story and data-driven projects (usually with a business or investment focus).

In 2013, we released the Gold and Silver series’, a first-of-its-kind look at the history of precious metals. Since then, we’ve released hundreds of infographic and data visualisation pieces. Here are a few of the clients we’ve worked with:


And here are a few of the places our work has been featured:



As a result, Visual Capitalist is one of the fastest growing media sites on the internet with millions of visitors each month.



Co-founder + Brand Manager

I co-founded Popcorn, along with Dennis Pang and Amy Elderkin in 2011to help businesses in the food and beverage space get a better handle on social media marketing. Popcorn has grown up a lot since then, but we’ve stayed true to the belief that marketing can be engaging, informative, and effective.

As marketing manager, I built Popcorn’s brand and analytics system from the ground up, and helped dozens of companies engage a bigger, more relevent audience. Here are just a few of the companies we’ve worked with:




Instagram is powerful. It’s a fantastic forum for visual content, and a great connector people. In addition to my copious amount of personal posts, I’ve worked with companies and organisations of all sizes on campaigns that are tailor-made for the platform.

If you’d like to collaborate, get in touch. Otherwise, feel free to browse here.


Over the past few years, I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of a number of great conferences, events, and panels. Here are just a few of the events I’ve been a part of:

April 2017
Keynote | The Changing Face of Influence | Change in the Making Conference (CIMC)

February 2017
Speaker | Infographics in New Media | Editors BC Monthly Meeting

June 2016
Interviewee | Vancouver’s “Real Estate Mania” | CKNW

February 2016
Panel Moderator | Art + Marketing | Kernel of Wisdom

October 2015
Speaker | Social Media Marketing | Modern Marketer Conference

October 2015
Speaker | Instagram for Business | #InstaHootup

July 2015
Speaker + Workshop | Instagram for Business | Epicentr Academy

March 2015
Speaker + Panelist | Creating a Remarkable Brand | Small Business Council

August 2013
Conference MC + Workshop | Storytelling in Marketing | OMG Conference

August 2013
Panel Moderator | Social Media Marketing | #OMGTakeOff

March 2013
Co-MC | Vancouver Social Media Awards

November 2011
Co-Speaker | Social Media Best Practices | Taste of Marketing Conference

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